At War with Dark Circles

To find a solution to dark circles, we must first understand the cause. It can be due to multiple things like stress, lack of sleep, iron deficiency and some of us just have it in our genes!

Whatever the cause, one thing is for sure: we all want to get rid of them!

I spent years looking for a solution but my simple liquid foundation was not cutting it. After trying multiple products, I came to the conclusion that my battle was not hopeless because   I was beginning to see results!

Here are two tips for reducing the appearance of Dark Circles:

1) After applying your daily moisturizer before putting your makeup, apply a brightening eye cream or gel around your eyes. My favorites are:

Available on for $35

Clarins Eye Contour Gel

Available on for $32Available on for $32

It’s potent! Eye Cream by Benefit

Available on for $30

GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream by Origins

2) After using your foundation or BB Cream, with your fingers dab some concealer underneath your eyes. I strongly recommend Erase Paste by Benefit!

Available on for $26

Best of Luck!

Write us to let us know if it worked for you or if you have another solution!


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