Rock Neons in the Fall

NEONS were a definite MUST have this summer! From fluorescent YELLOW t-shirts, to radiant PINK lips, NEONS were everywhere!!

Fall is here but some of us are still attached to our vivid items and can’t seem to let go. NEWSFLASH: it is OK to wear those bright colors during the cold months! It is most certainly not an issue for those of us living in the Caribbean, but for the rest of the world getting ready to face the cold, here are a few tips to lightening up your outfit!

1. Mix it with Black: Wear bright neon pants with a black cardigan or black top like Bianka Joseph or Jessica Alba

2. Give your attire a pop of color by adding neon accessories like funky colored shades, nails or with statement jewelry like this necklace by a Haitian Artisan

3.  Carry a bright  and colorful purse to lift up your otherwise dark outfit

4. Keep it Classy just like Katy Perry with her yellow crocodile blouse toped with a gray blazer


Source of pictures:


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