Halloween is a day away and we love the whole “dress up” experience that comes with it. An excuse to dress up and try out outfits and styles that are not found in your typical wardrobe without forgetting your not-so-ordinary make-up and hair!

Whether a wig, funky hats, fun lashes, tacky shoes, old-fashioned clothes, everything goes on Halloween!

Check out those cool feather lashes !

Heavy eye make-up and bright lips? Yes you can!

Home-made costumes like these are more fun and easy to make.

So, what are YOU going to be for Halloween?

This Fall Nail Polish Collections Must Have

I’m usually an Essie girl when it comes to nail polish. However, this fall, OPI has 2 collection  that I’m dying to try: Germany and Skyfall collection.


This edgy yet chic collection is composed of 12 vibrant colors inspired by what we’re seeing evolve as “Europe’s newest fashion metropolis”. The color palette vary from aubergine to black olive, electric-lime yellow to sapphire, bright and dark shades of red, as well as various nudes and roses.


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of 007, OPI created 12 daring and dazzling shades that are perfectly adequate for this season and the holidays to come. I know I cannot wait to get my hands on this collection!

Essie Fall 2012 

Chanel Fall 2012 Collecion


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Harrods’ Designer Disney Princess

This Christmas, Harrods’ window will display 10 of Disney’s princesses’ gowns created by a few of the biggest fashion houses. Each designer will realize their version of legendary the fairy tale dresses by adding their own personal touch of style to the princess dresses. Every year, the Knightsbridge department store puts on a displays that attracts shoppers from all around the wold. Harrods’ Christmas window will be revealed this November 1st 2012. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Ariel from The Little Mermaid – by MARCHESA

A gorgeous silk evening gown in the deep blue mirroring the “under-the-sea” statement. Marchesa is delivering an elegant and modern feminine silhouette with draped fabrics.

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty by ELIE SAAB

Nothing screams more La Belle au Bois Dormant than this pale pink gown with delicate beading.

Belle from Beauty and The Beast – by VALENTINO

Valentino is portraying Belle’s innocence and grace through a gorgeous silk chiffon dress with a sheer hooded cape and adding a silver flower bag to complete Belle’s look.

Cinderella by VERSACE

A superb tribute to Cinderella’s ball gown created by Donatella Versace in which the whole ensemble of tiara, bold necklace and golden layered dress creates the perfect fairy-tale look.

Jasmin from Aladdin by ESCADA

Exotic and Fierce. Two adjectives that describe both princess Jasmin and Escada’s creation using a fuchsia silk chiffon, a golden belt, and a cape.

Mulan by MISSONI

A stunning kimono in shades of turquoise with red detailing reflecting the graceful oriental style of this princess warrior.


Cavalli chose to commemorate the native American tribe princess in soft golden and earthy tones with light feathers and prints while evoking an agent of freedom.


A loose pale grey gown embellished with sophisticated beading for the locked up princess.


Oscar de la Renta’s perfect reproduction of Snow White’s signature gown in silk, with a perfectly embroidered bodice, and without forgetting the red cape.

Tiana from The Princess and the Frog by RALPH & RUSSO

An elegant mint dress with layers of tulle and scattered crystal beads.

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Matte Black French Manicure

About a year ago, my cousin Kristia and I were shopping in Indianapolis during Black Friday when at a Chanel counter in Nordstrom something caught our attention : Matte top coat.

At first it was really odd to see our nails in matte but the truth is, this pass year i’ve been obsessed with matte nails and when Kristia sent me a picture of french manicure in matte black, not only did I have to try it, but had to blog about it.

The process? Very easy. Manicure your nails as you usually do, and put two coats of your choice of nail polish (I used OPI Lincoln Park After Darker). Let it dry. Stick French Manicure tape on the tip of your nails, then apply your matte top coat. Once dry peel off the strips.

An Alternative way: If you don’t have French Manicure tape, apply matte top coat all over your nails and then add regular top coat on the tip of your nails to make it shiny and Voilà !

Shoes: only a woman’s addiction?

 The word “shoes” has long been part of   a woman’s vocabulary. For as long as I can remember, shoes have been an important (if not THE most important) item when I get dressed, and I’m sure many of you girls can relate to that. While it’s true that we women have had an addictive relationship with shoes since an early age, I’ve come to realize that we are not alone. Some men share this addiction and, in some cases, take it to a much higher level.

The truth is, when it comes to shoes, guys (especially Haitian guys) are equally or even more obsessed with shoes than girls. Don’t believe me? Girls, take a look in your man’s closet and see how many pairs he owns. Between loafers, sneakers, casual shoes … I wouldn’t be surprised to see the number pass 30. Guys tend to spend more money on different pairs of sneakers.  Adidas, Aldo, Converse, New Balance, Nike, Toms, Vans … admit it guys you have quite a few of these styles. With December around the corner, while we girls will concentrate on looking for dresses, I am more than sure that you guys will be adding funky pairs to your “December wish list”.

Guys’ shoe obsession is proudly exhibited in a song by the Haitian rap/Hip-Hop group, Team Lobey : Tennis in which they proclaim, “You can hit on my wife,  but don’t step on my tennis shoes”. The music video displays a wide variety of sneakers in brands and styles while reflecting guys’ obsession with and importance they give sneakers.

Picture Source: Team Lobey video Tennis Youtube: teamlobey1

So, are shoes merely a woman’s addiction? I think not. Whether it’s to follow trends and styles or for their own personal vanity, shoes are a guy’s final touch that complements their outfits.  Usually, guys who choose to wear long sleeve shirts with jeans tend to wear loafers.  If they opt for v-neck or graphic tee, they will most like wear sneakers.

In Haiti, men are particularly shoe conscious as they have shoes for different occasions. And since social classes in Haiti are so tightly knit, Haitians have to be on point when it comes to shopping in order for them not to wear the same thing as others. For example, these days more and more guys are wearing loafers and although all loafers might look pretty much the same, the difference between a brown and a bright blue is noticeable. The same goes for brands. All converses have the same concept but selecting the right one for any particular outfit or occasion says volumes about one’s style.

These days, men are becoming more and more conscious of how they look. As such, they have to pay more attention and give more value to what they wear. Shoes have become the target for this new mentality. The abundance and diversity of shoes not only gives men options, but also speaks to their fashion sense and ultimately their mindset: why have only one, when you can have more?

Look of the Day

There is nothing we love more than adding a pop of color to a classic outfit.

This Fashionista was spotted during a mini break from work and we couldn’t help ourselves when our correspondent in Miami sent us her pictures.

She is wearing a simple white button down shirt tucked in khaki pants and a neon pink blazer. As for accessories, a layered necklace with pearls all around and a cross in the middle. She completely embodies the concept of “Fashionista in the workplace”.

Champagne Bridal Show

Last Friday, Champagne, Haiti’s exclusive Bridal and clothing store, showcased its new Collection of evening and wedding gowns.

Putting on a Fashion Show is nothing new for the Gardere sisters (store owners); they even make it look easy! These women are true fashion pioneers and are always open to fun and innovative projects.

This time, rather than putting on a show for a large crowd, they decided to keep it intimate with an audience of selected clients, wedding planners and few media.

The models graced down the catwalk with selected items from Alexia Admor, Tadashi Sohji, ML Monique Lhuiller, Jovani and Nicole Batki.

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Soooo I had been thinking about this for a very long time. I’ve always been one for change, and I figured, new country, new school, new life… New hair? Hell yes!

For most of us, changing our hair color is very personal. I was a blonde child, and as a grew older, my hair got darker. I experienced a lot with my hair color in my teenage years, from black to dark auburn, and some light streaks in between, but I never actually went BLONDE BLONDE. I never really wanted to go light because I always thought darker hair looked so much nicer, and to be honest I was extremely jealous of my sister’s gorgeous dark locks. Yet here I am, after denying the blonde for so long, going for it.

Are you Ready?

This is my before shot.

Beginning the 2 hour process with a million bleached strands… ouf

Sexy huh?

As they took the tinfoil out I was a little freaked… The streaks were reallyyy white, and I thought I made a huge mistake.

After the wash and color I felt calm because I realized I was in good hands. It was a little weird but I couldn’t wait to see it dry.

And TADAAA!!! It’s a little Barbie with the big curled hair, but they fell into nice waves soon after. Woop Woop!

And here is my best ditzy blonde look

Hope you enjoyed my little transformation 🙂

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Bad Day Beauty

Let’s face it we all have bad beauty days. Even the most gorgeous supermodels have days when eyes are puffy, skin is dry and looks sallow, or breakouts show. What to do when this happens?

There are many ways to improve your bad beauty day issues:

MOISTURE. When skin is dehydrated, it looks dry, older, and unhealthy. Moisturize your skin with a rich moisturizer and drink plenty of water.

AVOID HEAVY MAKE-UP. The LAST thing you want to do is to hide your skin under layers and layers of make-up. IT WILL NOT WORK. Tinted moisturizer is recommended instead of foundation, and use just a bit of concealer under your eyes to hide the dark circles.

EYES. Curl your lashes in order to open up your eyes a bit. Avoid dark eyeliners and especially dark eye shadows, as they tend to make the eyes look even more tired. Stick to neutral tones and apply mascara just on top of lashes.

COVER-UPS. Cover your bruises or pimples with a blemish stick or foundation stick. DO NOT try to pop your pimples. Apply a bit of foundation matching your skin tone to your pimple – do not use concealer it’s too light.

BRONZER AND BLUSH. Don’t use too much color to compensate for paleness. Add a little bit of bonzer to your face and then add a bit of pinky blush to brighten up your face. Careful not to over do it.

LIP GLOSS. Stay close to your natural lip color. Avoid heavy lipstick and dark colors. Lip balm or lip moisturizer are usually your best bet.

Picture sources:

Handy items to keep with you: Big dark frames, concealer, lip gloss or lip balm.


Vintage is my new favorite word! Last weekend Kat and I attended the bi annual OldWIG Happening Vintage event… I must say, being new to Montreal, I am not quite in the know yet. Thankfully, as soon as Kat mentioned a vintage sale, I immediately said yes. I had never been to a vintage shop, let alone an exposition of Montreal’s finest Vintage stores. I just had to investigate.

As soon as we walked in, I realize how special this event would be. Everywhere you turn,
there is a great looking woman in an ultra fab outfit, with killer makeup, and accessories so different I’m just baffled.

I was amazed by the selection of clothing items that were on display… A lot of sequins… But very tastefully made. The craftsmanship that went into the clothes was meticulous. The cuts were perfectly tailored, the prints were inspired, and the originality was astonishing.

They really don’t make clothes like this anymore.


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The Perfect Shade For Your Eyes!


Ever wondered which eye shadow suits you best? Ever wanted to try a different color than that of your usual make-up routine, but too scared it won’t look good?

Wel,l I’m going to tell you how to pick to perfect shade for YOU!

First off, DO NOT EVER try to match your eye shadow to your clothing or eye color. There is nothing more unattractive than a woman who wears what would otherwise be a stylish purple shirt or dress and smears her eyelids with purple eye shadow. While the concept of matching usually makes sense, in this instance, it’s just tacky. Trying to complement your eye color with matching eye shadow, is another DON’T when it comes to make-up.

Brown eyes:

It’s the easiest eye color to complement and usually gets away with any color, but pops with earthy tones: greens, browns, bronze and plum. Gray, pinks, and golds also work amazingly. Basically all colors are acceptable for brown eyes. Even cooler tones such as any shades of blue or pink will contrast with the warmth of your eyes and make them stand out.


Green eyes:

Believe it or not violet and plum are the best choices for green eyes. Mauve, purple, lilac, medium pink, golds, copper, peach and charcoal also work great with green eyes. Try to avoid cooler tones as they will make you look dull and instead of black, try to use brown eyeliner.

Green Eye Makeup       

Hazel eyes:

Deep greens, lavender, pale pink, brown and bronze based color, and any yellow/gold undertone color are good choices for Hazel eyes. To intensify the gold in your eyes, choose golden based shadows. To enhance the green specks, try applying deep greens shadow at different intensities. To bring out the brown, stay with different shades of browns, bronzes and earthy tones.


Blue eyes: 

Use browns, grays, warm taupe, camel, violet, gold, rusty peach, rose, and all other earth tones to contrast the cool tone of your eyes.

Chanel ss 2013

Picture source: reuteurs

“I started to sketch in St. Tropez over the summer and it was so hot I wanted some fresh air.” And so Karl Lagerfeld once again let his imagination take over and this time, transformed the catwalk into a solar panel with gigantic wind turbines.

See below the slideshow of yet another classic Chanel ready-to-wear collection

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Suits for the Fall: Pinstripes

Picture source:

Men’s trends are not as closely followed as women’s trends, and when they are, they don’t change drastically like women’s do. This fall, however, GQ magazine has pointed out that we are noticing a growing trend for men: pinstripe suits.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Pinstripes = Bankers = 80s Wall Street

No, this comeback in menswear has a more refined look with a touch of European flair: more fitted to the body and less bulky, either in British structure or in Italian tailoring. Add your special touch to this classy look by pairing it with either a colored shirt, a horizontal-striped tie, or bold printed socks.

Perfect example: Victor Cruz from NY Giants

Or for a more casual look:

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Queen Bee

Picture source:

Theatrical and exuberant are words associated to fashion house Alexander McQueen, and this season, Sarah Burton – the face behind Kate Middleton’s wedding gown – delivered nothing less than a very extravagant show and had the runway buzzing!

The spectacle was a show of ornate tailored garments: double-peplum corseted jackets, harness bustiers, and cage-like dresses decorated with pollinated flowers. The palette choice: cream, pale yellow, red, gold and black. Each of her ‘Queen Bees’ had a metal chokers with jeweled bees, and for her climax, Burton obscured her models’ faces with black meshed beekeeper hats.

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Back to school!!!

It’s fall fellow fashion lovers, and for us islanders living in (Oh the horror!) North US or Canada,  it’s time to cover up… But I love this season! The color of the leaves, the rain, feel so romantic to me. Yes I am a sap, so just embrace it.

My first back to school look:

I don’t think going to school is a fashion show… I’m all about looking neat, put together and comfortable, especially since it’s cold. And before my fellow bloggers come bashing on my head with a stiletto, let me make my case. It’s a fairly simple one actually, as it is cold outside, and my classes are far apart, I’m outside a lot. I could walk around in 6 inch booties and sport red lipstick, but I would be miserable. Plus it wouldn’t be as special when I actually decide to hit it hard.

I always go for classic looks for school… Jeans, blouse and boots… I do make sure they fit well, and don’t tug and hang weirdly.

I love these boots…. They go with anything! You always need a few investment pieces that last forever.

I also go for barely there makeup. A touch of mascara and a lightly tinted lip balm is my go to. Also I moisturize daily and always ALWAYS use sunblock.

Happy Fall!