Bad Day Beauty

Let’s face it we all have bad beauty days. Even the most gorgeous supermodels have days when eyes are puffy, skin is dry and looks sallow, or breakouts show. What to do when this happens?

There are many ways to improve your bad beauty day issues:

MOISTURE. When skin is dehydrated, it looks dry, older, and unhealthy. Moisturize your skin with a rich moisturizer and drink plenty of water.

AVOID HEAVY MAKE-UP. The LAST thing you want to do is to hide your skin under layers and layers of make-up. IT WILL NOT WORK. Tinted moisturizer is recommended instead of foundation, and use just a bit of concealer under your eyes to hide the dark circles.

EYES. Curl your lashes in order to open up your eyes a bit. Avoid dark eyeliners and especially dark eye shadows, as they tend to make the eyes look even more tired. Stick to neutral tones and apply mascara just on top of lashes.

COVER-UPS. Cover your bruises or pimples with a blemish stick or foundation stick. DO NOT try to pop your pimples. Apply a bit of foundation matching your skin tone to your pimple – do not use concealer it’s too light.

BRONZER AND BLUSH. Don’t use too much color to compensate for paleness. Add a little bit of bonzer to your face and then add a bit of pinky blush to brighten up your face. Careful not to over do it.

LIP GLOSS. Stay close to your natural lip color. Avoid heavy lipstick and dark colors. Lip balm or lip moisturizer are usually your best bet.

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Handy items to keep with you: Big dark frames, concealer, lip gloss or lip balm.

2 thoughts on “Bad Day Beauty

  1. Gosh, this is soo me… It’s hard for a college student to look good everyday,lol..Especially on exam day, and early morning classes, when I’m sleep deprived and stressed out! On bad days, I usually wear stuff that takes the attention off my (make up free) face, like oversize scarf with my leather Jacket, plus cool sunglasses, and hot boot, and “le tour est joué”! everyone is going to look at you like “wow, she’s hot”! lol… Also, usually when I don’t have time to do my make up, and iron my hair, I just wear bright lipstick (mostly red or hot pink), and i wear my hair in a high flirty ponytail, I add some light mascara and I’m good to go! The bright lipstick does not look good on everyone though, but luckily it does on me!
    P.S: I love the blog you guys, keep it up!!! Can you guys talk about accessories, like how you can combine different outfits and stuff 🙂

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