Soooo I had been thinking about this for a very long time. I’ve always been one for change, and I figured, new country, new school, new life… New hair? Hell yes!

For most of us, changing our hair color is very personal. I was a blonde child, and as a grew older, my hair got darker. I experienced a lot with my hair color in my teenage years, from black to dark auburn, and some light streaks in between, but I never actually went BLONDE BLONDE. I never really wanted to go light because I always thought darker hair looked so much nicer, and to be honest I was extremely jealous of my sister’s gorgeous dark locks. Yet here I am, after denying the blonde for so long, going for it.

Are you Ready?

This is my before shot.

Beginning the 2 hour process with a million bleached strands… ouf

Sexy huh?

As they took the tinfoil out I was a little freaked… The streaks were reallyyy white, and I thought I made a huge mistake.

After the wash and color I felt calm because I realized I was in good hands. It was a little weird but I couldn’t wait to see it dry.

And TADAAA!!! It’s a little Barbie with the big curled hair, but they fell into nice waves soon after. Woop Woop!

And here is my best ditzy blonde look

Hope you enjoyed my little transformation 🙂

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