If you’ve been near the malls lately you know that it’s all about SPIKES and STUDS: on shoes, accessories, and clothing.


Once a mainstay of 80s punk fashion and music, the punk rebellion theme is making a come back for this Fall and Winter fashion.

A Haitian’s survival guide to cold weather

Buck up fellow islanders living up North. As the temperature drops, we retreat into our cozy apartments to wallow up in the days of summers gone. I think it’s time to break the cycle don’t you? Here’s a universal truth, when you look good, you feel good. Unfortunately winter isn’t known for making us feel sexy… Unless of course, you like a red and runny nose. Hey to each their own right?

I don’t believe in spending thousands of dollars in clothes, but when you live in Siberia (ok I’m being a little dramatic), a few key investment pieces are a must. When buying winter clothes, you have to keep in mind that these are items you’ll need for a couple of years, hence the term “investment”. Make sure you pick things that are timeless, comfortable and that you absolutely love.

So here’s what you’ll need to survive winter fashionably. Note that this won’t be the typical coat, boots, socks kind of list… Don’t get me wrong, all of that is crucial, but I think we should shake it up. Don’t you agree?

1. A warm coat

Obviously… But something I’ve noticed, is that although we come from warm weather countries, we still tend to underestimate our first winter. I cannot count how many times I’ve seen girls freeze their a$$es on the account of ugly puffer coats. I’m sorry to say that beautiful, timeless and warm will cost a pretty penny. I suggest Mackage, Canada Goose, or Kanuk (recycled fur) for really harsh weather. Abercrombie and Fitch, Comptoir des Cotonniers, and even Zara also have nice selections.

2. A great pair of boots

Yes this is another obvious one. But I’m not just talking about the comfy and toasty Uggs. I’m talking about a pair of boots that absolutely fit your style (Combat, bootie etc). I love those days when it isn’t so cold and you can wear those really nice shoes you’ve been dying to wear again.


3. Brights

A printed scarf or bright red gloves to brighten up those grey days. Bright colors are not only a mood booster, but also refreshing in an endless sea of black and grey coats. I find that a pop of color always shakes an outfit up, and if you can pull off pink pants, I say go for it.

4. Moisturizer

Needless to say harsh weather dries out the skin to the point of it actually peeling off and burning. So please everyone, remember to moisturize your faces before you go out, and always keep lip balm at arms lengths.

5. Red Lipstick…

Or whatever makes you feel sexiest… Heels, LBD, lingerie and the list goes on…

P.S: I look a little creepy here… sigh…

6. A Bikini, towel and sunglasses

Put on your hottest bikini, lay the towel near your heater, lay down, close your eyes and imagine….

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TREND: Elbow Patches

For a while now we have slowly seen the come back of elbow patches: in shirts, jackets, sweaters … for men just like for women. This trend is no longer associated with the elderly and college professors. I’m sure your idea of elbow patches is that of an old grandpa sitting on his rocking chair smoking his pipe and wearing an old sweater with brown leather patches.

Well, no. Nowadays elbow patches come in all kinds of styles, colors and even shapes. Like this gray sweaters with black heart shaped elbow patches available at ASOS (asos.com).


Kim Kardashian wearing an elbow patch jacket. mystyle.com

We are seeing this trend develop right here in Ayiti. Fashionisto Renald was spotted wearing a nice white and blue button down shirt with blue elbow patches. He coordinated his outfit with a navy blue pants and light blue loafers.

Other Fashionistos spotted wearing elbow patches in Ayiti:

Haiti Fashion Week 2012

Event: Haiti Fashion Week 2012.

Location: Karibe hotel.

Purpose: Stimulate and showcase the Fashion World of Haiti.

For the first time in history, Haiti proudly introduced its first Fashion Week from November 8 to November 11, where thirty designers showcased their collections. Also known as “ModAyiti 2012” in creole, this special event was created by the Haitian Center for Support and Promotion of Enterprises (CHAPES) and the Haitian Network of Designers (HAND), two associations working to develop the Haitian Fashion Industry. Funded by the Ministry of Culture and the European Union’s support program ARCADES, this event gave our local designers a chance to be noticed by the international eye thanks to the presence of international designers, guests and press.

Decor & Set-up

As we entered the Karibe Convention Center we were immediately transported into another atmosphere: Elaborate white draping covered the ceiling and walls, and white chairs were laid out to align the also white catwalk.
Ushers greeted us at the door and brought us to our seats while the pleasant beat of the Haiti Fashion Week 2012 theme song played in the background.

The Event

The program of Haiti Fashion Week 2012 included a forum during the day on the development of fashion in Haiti, and an exposition of items for sell by the designers after each show. The opening ceremony last Thursday was a welcoming celebration for the designers and the organizers of this event with a tribute and homage to the Haitian culture and history. The celebration ended last Sunday with a Haitian folkloric dance with colorful costumes.

Scheduled to start at 7 PM, it was not a surprise to see the shows start an hour late while the public preferred to mingle in the courtyard with drinks and cocktails. An intermission of 15 minutes took place each day, and the shows were a little too long lasting almost 3 hours. It is Fashion after all, and Fashion is fast paced.


Top Left: Marie Thérèse Hilaire. Bottom Left: David André. Center: Michel Chataigne. Top Right: Watson St-Louis. Bottom Right: Marjorie Alexis

We saw it all: beach attire, casual look, suits, cocktail and evening dresses. More than 2 dozen designers took part in this show to exhibit their creations. Native names such as David André, Michel Chataigne, Maelle David, Marie Thérèse Hilaire, Miko Guillaume, Marjorie Alexis (to name a few) shared the runway with international designers coming from the Caribbean, USA, Argentina and Japan.

Daniel Oberti Glasses Collection – Argentina

Culture and heritage are at the heart of every designer in Haiti and are proudly reflected through their collections. However, it seems that the focus on culture was taken too seriously. We believe that more initiative and risk should be taken by our designers in order to push the envelope when it comes to the individuality, cohesiveness and aesthetic of their designs.

Left: Garment painted with Haiti’s geographical departments by the students of Verona Fashion school. Center: Folkloric garment in Haiti’s colors by Harry Lafond. Top and Bottom right: Works of Jacqueline Francis.

Our island is known for its beautiful craftsmanship thus making accessories our forté. Models carried the works of many jewelry, bags, and sandal designers like Phelicia Dell (vèvè bags), Créations Dorées, Gerry Romain, Savannah Savary …

Top Left: Men necklace by Gerry Romain. Bottom Left: bag by Sibylle Denis Touat. Center: Accessories by Gerry Romain. Left: Vèvè bags by Phelica Dell

The project beyond ModAyiti goes as far as creating an atelier for our local designers and hopefully opening a store in New York selling Haitian products and clothing. The world of fashion is no longer dormant in Ayiti, and this project led by Maguy Durcé marked its awakening.

Giovanna Ménard
Prisca Milliance


Nearly 30 models carried the designers’ collections down the runway 10 of which were international. While some were too fast, others like international Haitian model Nayeli Fanfan among others (see below pictures) made their way down the runway with the perfect modeling grace and attitude. Reigning miss Haiti International Anédie Azael brieftly joined the modeling team.


Male models appeared shirtless and some with paintings on their faces to showcase some designers jewelry collections.


A group of 20 Haitian and 10 international models, stylists and makeup artist were part of the team that made Haiti Fashion Week possible.
A fashionable public

Who would have thought that a country who has suffered so much from recent natural disasters would one day hold it’s very own Fashion Week? Surely a lot of work needs to be done but thanks to ModAyiti and its team, we hope to make this event an annual rendez-vous.

Look du Jour


We’re loving the look of this Fashionista: Long sleeve aquamarine green loose shirt with skinny black pants and simple Tory Burch flats. Your ideal comfortable outfit for college. However, this FIU student added her own personal style by accessorizing with bangles and a neon yellow watch. Our favorite item is the leopard scarf around her neck that contrasts with the vivid color of her shirt.

Traveling Chic

Here in Haiti we often have long weekend holidays and luckily for us this past November 1st/2nd, we were able to take a break from our hectic lives, travel earlier and enjoy almost a week-long vacation.

White Blazer from Lush, asymmetric black and white diagonal striped blouse from H&M. Mustard blazer from Zara.

Here are a few pictures of what we spotted at the airport:

My favorite look was this Fashionista wearing colored pants, a black blazer and those cool booties.

In Ayiti we travel in style by accessorizing …

Either with carry ons or backpacks like these youngsters …

… Or With a big purse and scarf

Even when taking longer flights and colder weather:

Celebrity Muse: Zoe Saldana


Where to start? Zoe Saldana is without a doubt one of the most stunning women to have


ever walked the Red Carpet. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she has a fierce attitude to go with it.

This actress born of Dominican descent is not only known to pick roles that challenges her as a woman, but has now become a real Fashion Icon with the help of her stylist Flannery. She has graced the covers of many fashion magazines (GQ, ELLE, Glamour, Nylon…) and is a regular sitting in the front row of the biggest runway shows.


This woman is the epitome of sultry. She is feminine and sexy without ever crossing the line. She has a killer body and flaunts it (Rightly so I might add). I love how she dresses in a classic feminine cut with a slight twist that sends the entire effect over the edge of gorgeous. This Latina is never afraid to play with proportions and colors, which reflects her fiery personality.

Who doesn’t love Zoe?

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