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1Bobbing for Baubles by essie – Matte


All Tied Up + A Cut Above by essie

image12Rock A Billy by Ulta

photoTop: Absolutely Shore by essie. Bottom: Decades of Shades by OPI

photo12Top Left: Jelly Apple. Top Right: Bordeaux. Bottome Left: Bahama Mama. Bottom right: Plumberry. All by essie.

image_1Get in the Expresso Lane by OPI

photo123Left: Rasberry. Right: Sexy Divide. Both by essie

imageMani/Pedi Time !

ZIP ZIP … malèt ap fèt !

-“J’ai acheté ma robe pour le 24 c anraje, m’pare pou Taras la”

-“J’espère un tel n’a pas la même robe que moi, cette p’tit fille a toujours la même robe que moi! ”

ZIP! ZIP! It’s that time of the year !

photoThis time every year, most of you abroad are packing to go home for the Holidays. While most of the world is packing coats and sweaters, we Haitians are packing bathing suits and short dresses.

ZIP! ZIP! It’s that time of the year …

image2 image3


Besides from the childhood and family reunions, it’s also that time of the year when we see a lot of fashion in Haiti. Our little island is practically turned into a fashion show during the month of December.



Sow a Seed: Spreading the Joy Once Again


    • «Sa ou vle Tonton Nwèl pote ou ou?»
    • «Yon poupe, yon balon, yon liv pou’m ka li, yon odinatè jwèt, yon bekann.»
    • “What do you want Santa Claus to bring you?”
    • “A doll, a ball, a book to read, a toy computer, a bike.”

Those were the answers of orphans Emmanuella, Sonon, Adonaika & Oltrich, aged 10-12. Others like Sorel who looked utterly lost in a big field of playground simply answered “nothing” and when I asked him how old he was, he answered: I don’t know.



Last Saturday was Sow-a-Seed’s second annual Santa’s Wonderland: an all day event filled with fun activities, meals, live entertainment and gift distribution for young orphans aged 4-12 in Port-au-Prince. Above all, it was a day full of joy and emotion, and fashionAYITI was proud to have been able to participate in “spreading the joy.”

“Referring to comments that we hear back from volunteers and sponsors, the best part is when children arrive with huge smiles on their faces and randomly embrace Sow a Seed volunteers, especially the ones that they recognize from past projects, thanking them for giving the best holiday experience they have ever received” answered Sow a Seed board member Nadeige M Tesserot when asked what her favorite part of this event was.

IMG_1962 IMG_1877

Founded by Claudia Apaid, Sandrine Alkhal Viera, Dayana Villedrouin, and Michele Baker, and managed by a team of young Haitian-American woman, Sow a Seed is a non-profit volunteer-based organization. Operating since 2004, their mission is to equip and provide orphanages with proper resources in areas of health, nutrition, education, shelter, as well as arts and recreation.

IMG_5455In addition to their numerous projects, drives and campaigns, is their second annual Santa’s Wonderland that was held this December 8th at Union School High School in Port-au-Prince.

The idea of this SPREAD THE JOY drive is to create a Christmas wonderland for 500 children from orphanages throughout Port-au-Prince. The school’s soccer field was divided into workshops and sections for various activities which included: Music and Dance workshop, Santa’s Toyland, Candyland with gingerbread houses, Playland, Arts and Crafts workshop, and a stage for live entertainment, as well as lighting of the tree.

IMG_5059 IMG_5145

To say that the school was transformed in an actual Christmas Wonderland is an understatement: A giant red carpet welcomed the kids through Santa’s forest with adorned trees, as they were greeted by Santa’s elves and characters such as Mickey Mouse, Disney princesses, etc…

With a big smile, the children proceeded through the wonderland, engaging in various activities and workshops. Each workshop was a big reproduction of our local Christmas “fanaux”, house-shaped lanterns that are a staple of Christmas in Haiti.

As the children enjoyed themselves on the playground, jumping on bouncing castles, taking pictures with Santa, and enjoying the local goodies such as Fresco and Cotton Candy, a local DJ created the mood by playing Christmas music, later switching to dance music and eventually our local kanaval beats which had all the kids and volunteers dancing together. Towards the end of the day, live performances by local artists Mikaben, Wanito, Olivier Duret as well as emerging artists were part of the children’s celebration.

IMG_5387 IMG_5384 IMG_5217


200 young adults from various schools in PAP including Union School, Lycée Alexandre Dumas, St. Rose de Lima, CCCPV, Faculté d’Ontologie, Exceptional Learners, and Caroline Villard were part of the volunteering team that contributed to the realization of this event. Sponsors, donors and supports of this holiday drive included celebrities Patricia Arquette, Jillian Michaels as well as major sponsors such as Coca Cola/Couronne, Perspective Habitat, GB Group, Maison Handal, American Airlines, Bongú. In the past, SAS has collaborated with Donna Karan’s Urban Zen as well as Maria Bello for various projects.

IMG_5089 IMG_5224 IMG_5378 IMG_5388

This event was truly an amazing effort and the contribution and devotion of this organization and its volunteers brought priceless smiles and indescribable joy to hundreds of deserving orphans in Haiti’s capital.


Names orphanages that were present:

La Référence Village in Cité Soleil
Fondation Rosemina de Diegue
Fondation Luce
Fondation Foyer Marie Mère de la Divine Miséricorde
Acrejah- Sant Rèv Timoun
Fondation Chiara
Maison des Anges
Nos Petits Frères et Sœurs
King’s Garden

For more pictures see our FB album:

For more information about Sow a Seed, please visit and follow @sascharity on Twitter
Sow a Seed Signature

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I remember as a little girl on family occasions, I would get a red marks on my cheeks from older family members who would leave their lipstick mark when kissing me. Growing up as a young teenager I avoided red shades and anything too bright due to the fear of looking like “ma tante Clémence” and concentrated more on lip gloss as they were “the cool thing to wear” at the time.

Looking back, I asked myself what was I thinking? I am not a fan of lip gloss at all especially the clear ones. In my opinion they make you look like you were eating spaghetti or any greasy food and did not clean your mouth after.

The truth is there is something empowering when a woman wears a nice lipstick. Doesn’t have to be red necessarily any shades of pinks or beige will do but many of us girls hesitate at times when it comes to wearing red lipstick. But I personally love red lipstick and anyone who knows me, knows it’s my signature.

The key to choosing the right shade of red is all in the tone of your skin. If you have a warm tone choose a red with a orange undertones, and if you have a cool tone to your skin, red shades with blue undertones are best. Now if you’re lucky enough to have neutral skin tone, you can go for whatever shades you love.

Some of my favorites shades I own:

Sephora Lipstain, Deborah Milano Mat Red, L'Oreal Infallible Refined Ruby #337,  Chanel Rouge Allure Passion #14, Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss, Dior Addict Red Desire #959, MAC Russian Red, and Bourjois So Rouge
Sephora Lipstain, Deborah Milano Mat Red, L’Oreal Infallible Refined Ruby #337, Chanel Rouge Allure Passion #14, Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss, Dior Addict Red Desire #959, MAC Russian Red, and Bourjois So Rouge



When in doubt, wear RED