Carl Eric Jabouin on his Style, Inspiration and being Haiti’s Summer “IT” Guy

This summer, we decided to be a little different in picking our “IT” person. We tend to look at women when they walk in a room, and we’re all about celebrating female form. This time however, we met a unique Haitian we felt earned this spot. With his Basquiat-esque looks, and Pharell swag meet Carl Eric Jabouin… Summer’s IT guy!



He is a man of few words, armed with a sharp tongue, and quirky opinions. Carl Eric is a breath of fresh air indeed.

photo 4When did you become a fan of fashion?

I’ve always been a fan of fashion, I just never knew it. When I was younger I even used to dress my dad every morning telling what I liked and what didn’t.

What draws you to fashion?

I just love looking good. It gives me confidence.

 What is your favorite item of clothing?

I’m a shoe guy.

Do you follow trends or do you prefer to have a timeless style?

I like to think I have my own style doesn’t matter if it’s the trend or not. If I like it, I will wear it no matter what people think about it.

Who is your favorite designer?

I don’t have one. Like I said, I don’t follow 2

Who is your biggest fashion influence?

I look up to Pharrell Williams and Will-I-Am. Clean cuts, bold colors and effortless.

What is your favorite girl’s clothing item?

I can’t say I have a favorite women’s apparel favorite. But I do love a girl who embraces different styles and changes her look up often. I like women with bold fuchsia hair, it’s sexy and shows confidence.

How do you decide what to wear?

On the spot. It’s easier that way.


Meeting this humble young man with a flare for fashion was a pleasure. His style reflects his unapologetic uniqueness. A quiet and cool confidence is always in. Whether roaming the streets of Montreal or spotted in Haiti, look out for this one!




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What face and where?

As women we tend to overdo everything. We overdress, over accessories, and most of all, we really over think. I won’t claim to be an all wise guru on what is appropriate, but here are some tips I’ve uncovered along my life.

Makeup, ladies, is our best frenemy. A wrong shade of foundation can make you look washed out, or like an oompah loompah (or jersey shore orange for the younger readers). A bright lipstick may make a first date get the wrong impression (and yes I have that under good authority unfortunately), and no makeup at all might make you seem like you don’t care at all. Not caring is fine, but if that’s your case, you may find the rest of this post unrelatable and boring.

So here’s my bare face… Dum Dum DUUUUUM


1. Everyday

Keep it light, so go for bb creams, light mascara, cheek and lip stains etc.


2. A job interview.

Important to not show up looking exhausted, but no hooker face. So serums, concealer, mascara and rosy lipstick (note how I said rosy and not pink. No fushia please).


3. A first date.

Men are visual creatures, yet they hate the “fakeness” of makeup. Seems paradoxical considering makeup is supposed to make you look better… The trick is to trick them into thinking you’re naturally flawless, without going overboard, or the morning after might be full of surprises. Primer, light foundation and concealer for the face. I suggest enhancing your eyes with a nice black eyeliner, light blush, and light lipstick. Don’t go red yet!


4. Girls Night Out!

Best night for makeup lovers. Go all out ladies! Red, fushia, plum lips welcome! There are no rules when you’re hanging out at a bar with the girls. It’s time to experiment.


P.S: Try not to look like you just stumbled into your grandma’s makeup (creepy hooker clown coming up)

Photo on 2-19-13 at 4.01 PM #2