Vintage is my new favorite word! Last weekend Kat and I attended the bi annual OldWIG Happening Vintage event… I must say, being new to Montreal, I am not quite in the know yet. Thankfully, as soon as Kat mentioned a vintage sale, I immediately said yes. I had never been to a vintage shop, let alone an exposition of Montreal’s finest Vintage stores. I just had to investigate.

As soon as we walked in, I realize how special this event would be. Everywhere you turn,
there is a great looking woman in an ultra fab outfit, with killer makeup, and accessories so different I’m just baffled.

I was amazed by the selection of clothing items that were on display… A lot of sequins… But very tastefully made. The craftsmanship that went into the clothes was meticulous. The cuts were perfectly tailored, the prints were inspired, and the originality was astonishing.

They really don’t make clothes like this anymore.


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