Celebrity Muse: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway cannot be slowed down.

Between the princess diaries and the very anticipated “Les Misérables” motion picture, Anne has gone from the cute and funny Jersey Girl, to one of the most respected actors in the world. Not to mention she has an Oscar nomination under her belt.

Her style has very much evolved since her big break in 2001. She started off with a few mishaps (like all of us I might add), but after the acclaimed comedy the Devil wears Prada in 2006, Anne took cue from her character Andrea’s style makeover and became a bona fide fashion force to be reckoned with.

What sets her apart from the rest of her piers, is her seemingly nonchalant attitude towards trends. She dresses in comfortable, classic silouhettes that eerily resemble a modern Audrey Hepburn. Her everyday outfits consist of fairly safe colors and shapes… Her secret  to looking fabulous? Fit fit fit! Being comfortable does not mean frumpy, and looking great does not require hours of work.  The batman star always looks healthy and happy (I would too if I could fit into that cat suit… Oh well ).

On the red carpet, this alabaster beauty is old hollywood picture perfect. Her porcelain complexion can looked washed out, but Anne knows what colors work best with her skin. And how does she keep her skin so radiant? Sunblock ladies… Golden may be exotic and sexy, but melanoma is not worth it. Anne demonstrates that beauty is not black and white, so next time you’re thinking you’re too pasty, remember Anne is too 😉

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Celebrity Muse of the Moment: Sarah Jessica Parker vs Carrie Bradshaw

Sarah Jessica Parker vs Carrie Bradshaw

Who can deny the phenomenon that was Sex and the City? The show redefined the on-the-go, stylish, strong yet vulnerable woman. Carrie Bradshaw played by the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker, embodied the everyday woman in a very VERY daring closet. She became a role model for all of us who hesitated to wear what made us, well… us!

Carrie Bradshaw: The One who Dared

Nothing is as “Signature Carrie ” than this first look. Carrie was first to popularize the tutu (yes yes before Black Swan), AND she would rock it during the day, no less. Remember what else she would wear during the day??? Racy lingerie as outfits, of course. If you want to take cue from this fashion crazed lady, make sure to go big or go home… Furs (or faux-furs…), sky-high stilettos, a tight fitted dress, and most importantly… Make it your own 🙂

Sarah Jessica Parker: The Fashionista Par Excellence.

It is true that Sarah isn’t as daring as her alter-ego in her everyday attire, choosing casual chicness every time… But when she steps out for an event, she hits it hard. From bold dresses from every major designer, to the effortless Ombré hair (yes she did that first too). Sarah Jessica Parker remains fashion royalty. This fashionista queen is all about bold prints, interesting cuts, and showing off those assets (cough cough… legs… cough).

Here’s a challenge: try being as fashionably fearless as Carrie Bradshaw during the day and as audaciously chic as Sarah Jessica Parker at night. Give people a good reason to stop and stare.