I told you I’ll be ready in 5 minutes, stop calling every half hour!


(Me) – “What time are we going out tonight?”

(Friend #1) – “8:00”

(Friend #2) -“8:00 Emma time? or real time?”

Have you ever had this conversation? I’m willing to bet a lot.

My friends always invite me out an hour or two earlier before the actual time. They so often tell me “Magdoos at 8” when we actually meet up around 9 or later. They even make jokes about it and call it Emma Time (rolling my eyes). And you thought Haitians ran late?

photo 2So why is it that some of us girls take longer to get ready? Throwing on a pair of jeans and a top, putting on lipstick and mascara seems so easy, right? So why do we complicate our lives? Trying on our whole closet before deciding on our first outfit choice anyway. And do not get me started on how long I take if there’s a special someone I might run into.

stop calling

I have been going on and on trying to come up with answers to these questions for years and still cannot come up with one. Yes us girls are complicated at times, yes we like to look our best, and yes we always try to find the smallest, most insignificant details to complain about. When I say “I have nothing to wear!”, it simply means I haven’t found the outfit that goes with the person I feel like in that moment. It may be a mood, a specific attire required (Has anyone else had an “electric blue” dress code? I have… sigh) or even a goal (impressing that cute Magdoos bartender…wink wink).

At the end of the day, we can’t really blame women for this. After all, looking one’s best isn’t a fault right? Maybe we’re perfectionists, maybe we love the chaos of flying multi colored garments. Who knows? The importance is to remember to be patient. I for one, don’t mean to make people wait for my indecisiveness… Ok maybe a little 😉


W3T / Sunkissed

Lo and I spent the weekend at the beach in the beautiful Cotes des Arcadins in Haiti.

Saturday night was the 3rd annual WET party where girls modeled in sexy bikinis and cover-ups. Despite the mass of people present, we managed to spot some very risqué, yet elegant beachwear: a deep-V one-piece suit with cut out sides, a crochet knitted back monokini, a strapless animal print, many colorful Brazilian bikinis, and some very sexy sheer beach tunics.

Our outfits for the beach?

Black shorts, white vintage tank, red espadrilles and black Fedora hat
Cut-off denim shorts, sailor laced back tee with black patent leather flip flops

Here are a few pictures of ” île de la Gonâve” (La Gonave island) where we spent the day on Sunday.

View leaving Cotes des Arcadins (mainland) to go to the island

The perks of living on an island: tropical sun, great friends, good laughs and the gorgeous Caribbean sea … Awesome weekend.

Celebrity Muse of the Moment: Sarah Jessica Parker vs Carrie Bradshaw

Sarah Jessica Parker vs Carrie Bradshaw

Who can deny the phenomenon that was Sex and the City? The show redefined the on-the-go, stylish, strong yet vulnerable woman. Carrie Bradshaw played by the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker, embodied the everyday woman in a very VERY daring closet. She became a role model for all of us who hesitated to wear what made us, well… us!

Carrie Bradshaw: The One who Dared

Nothing is as “Signature Carrie ” than this first look. Carrie was first to popularize the tutu (yes yes before Black Swan), AND she would rock it during the day, no less. Remember what else she would wear during the day??? Racy lingerie as outfits, of course. If you want to take cue from this fashion crazed lady, make sure to go big or go home… Furs (or faux-furs…), sky-high stilettos, a tight fitted dress, and most importantly… Make it your own 🙂

Sarah Jessica Parker: The Fashionista Par Excellence.

It is true that Sarah isn’t as daring as her alter-ego in her everyday attire, choosing casual chicness every time… But when she steps out for an event, she hits it hard. From bold dresses from every major designer, to the effortless Ombré hair (yes she did that first too). Sarah Jessica Parker remains fashion royalty. This fashionista queen is all about bold prints, interesting cuts, and showing off those assets (cough cough… legs… cough).

Here’s a challenge: try being as fashionably fearless as Carrie Bradshaw during the day and as audaciously chic as Sarah Jessica Parker at night. Give people a good reason to stop and stare.