Back to school!!!

It’s fall fellow fashion lovers, and for us islanders living in (Oh the horror!) North US or Canada,  it’s time to cover up… But I love this season! The color of the leaves, the rain, feel so romantic to me. Yes I am a sap, so just embrace it.

My first back to school look:

I don’t think going to school is a fashion show… I’m all about looking neat, put together and comfortable, especially since it’s cold. And before my fellow bloggers come bashing on my head with a stiletto, let me make my case. It’s a fairly simple one actually, as it is cold outside, and my classes are far apart, I’m outside a lot. I could walk around in 6 inch booties and sport red lipstick, but I would be miserable. Plus it wouldn’t be as special when I actually decide to hit it hard.

I always go for classic looks for school… Jeans, blouse and boots… I do make sure they fit well, and don’t tug and hang weirdly.

I love these boots…. They go with anything! You always need a few investment pieces that last forever.

I also go for barely there makeup. A touch of mascara and a lightly tinted lip balm is my go to. Also I moisturize daily and always ALWAYS use sunblock.

Happy Fall!