Interview with Michael Brun

Once in a while a rare talent surprises each generation. Be it an artist, a musician, or an athlete. But for the first time ever, Haiti has a international ambassador for Electro music. This DJ has created such a hype with his music, big DJs have taken a serious interest in him.
Raised in Haiti with a Guyanese mother and Haitian father, Michael Brun developed a passion for music at an early age. At 16 years old, he took up DJing and today at only 21 years old, he is the first Haitian to have worked with and received support from well known DJs such as Axwell, Avicii, Hardwell, Sebastien Ingrosso and many more.
MB Live 2
We asked this EDM superstar a few questions to share with you! Check it out:


– When did your passion for music start?
My parents had me enrolled in piano lessons since I was 6, and I’ve loved music ever since.

– Was the decision to become a DJ an easy one?
Yes. I loved producing music already so the transition to DJing live shows was natural.

 What was your first big DJ gig?
My first headlining show was at LIV in South Beach in February 2013.

– How does it feel to be playing in Haiti this December?
It’s extremely exciting to be playing back in my hometown again. It’s been about 2 years since the last time I last played there and I’ve developed so much as an artist since then.

– How would you describe your on stage fashion?Shot_01_015 1Crop 1
Black on black and a nice pair of kicks. Simple but classic look.

– What is your everyday style?
Jeans with solid color tees.

– What is your favorite part about being on stage?
The transfer of energy between the crowd and myself.

– Who do you most look up to in this business?
Dirty South. He’s very talented but still humble, and I think that’s an important quality to have as an artist.

– What was your best moment on stage?
Playing my original track ‘Halfway’ at TomorrowWorld in Georgia and having the crowd of 8,000 people singing along.

MB Live 1

Michael will be playing at Amazonia on the 22nd! So be at Tara’s to witness greatness in the making. Are you excited? Because we sure are!


Max Vangeli


For the second time, international DJ Max Vangeli graced us with an amazing performance last Friday at Tara’s. This time however, the dancing took place in a more intimate setting called “Il encuentro” behind the usual monster stage. Vangeli played for a roaring crowed who wildly agreed the music was great.


Dear fashionistas and fashionistos, we are so happy to see the women stepped it up this time. We saw colors, different cuts, and jersey was not so much “de rigueur”. To our dear men of the evening, yes you also had shinning moments, but ladies, we side with you this time.


Stay tuned for RUMORS this Friday. We will be picking the best dressed lady of the night.

Dress to impress people 😉

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     Was that a party or what? Invasion my friends, was a crazy spectacle for the ears with DJs K9, Bernard Chauvet, Franco the Saint, and Joachim Garraud, special guest from Paris (ou lala), but let’s face it, dear fashionistas and fashionistos, the party was way more of a mind blowing experience for the eyes. Haiti’s first 3D party was a success, and all the props and applauds go to Black Palm Events and its amazing team. The stage made of LED lights gave a HiDef surpassing all expectations (Were we really on EDH?), and for the first time, Fashion Ayiti was there to capture all of the best fashion moments.


We all know (because we’ve been there), that most of us go on big shopping sprees right before December and the summer season. We feel for our wallets, and throw a tiny b**** fit when someone else bought the exact same thing. It was all apparent at Invasion. We saw some crazy combos, some slick outfits and lots and lots of short jersey dresses.

Guys in interesting pants... Yay!

Ladies, as much as it pains us to admit, the guys took this one. We saw a lot more originality, sleekness and all around swag from the men. Yes you’re gorgeous and your legs go on for days, but we wish you would take more risks with fashion.  Short doesn’t necessarily mean fashionable and more coverage leaves more things to the imagination. We now give a small round of applause to the guys who truly set themselves apart, made this night a little more vibrant and showed us the true meaning of personal style.

Talk about individuality

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