The Perfect Shade For Your Eyes!


Ever wondered which eye shadow suits you best? Ever wanted to try a different color than that of your usual make-up routine, but too scared it won’t look good?

Wel,l I’m going to tell you how to pick to perfect shade for YOU!

First off, DO NOT EVER try to match your eye shadow to your clothing or eye color. There is nothing more unattractive than a woman who wears what would otherwise be a stylish purple shirt or dress and smears her eyelids with purple eye shadow. While the concept of matching usually makes sense, in this instance, it’s just tacky. Trying to complement your eye color with matching eye shadow, is another DON’T when it comes to make-up.

Brown eyes:

It’s the easiest eye color to complement and usually gets away with any color, but pops with earthy tones: greens, browns, bronze and plum. Gray, pinks, and golds also work amazingly. Basically all colors are acceptable for brown eyes. Even cooler tones such as any shades of blue or pink will contrast with the warmth of your eyes and make them stand out.


Green eyes:

Believe it or not violet and plum are the best choices for green eyes. Mauve, purple, lilac, medium pink, golds, copper, peach and charcoal also work great with green eyes. Try to avoid cooler tones as they will make you look dull and instead of black, try to use brown eyeliner.

Green Eye Makeup       

Hazel eyes:

Deep greens, lavender, pale pink, brown and bronze based color, and any yellow/gold undertone color are good choices for Hazel eyes. To intensify the gold in your eyes, choose golden based shadows. To enhance the green specks, try applying deep greens shadow at different intensities. To bring out the brown, stay with different shades of browns, bronzes and earthy tones.


Blue eyes: 

Use browns, grays, warm taupe, camel, violet, gold, rusty peach, rose, and all other earth tones to contrast the cool tone of your eyes.