Dieter’s drinking guide

So you’ve committed to a diet, once again. You’ve changed your less than exemplary eating habits to healthy ones, reduced your calories intake on foods and eliminated all kinds of alcohol consumption, sort of … right?

But what happens when you want a fun night out with your friends? Alcohol is processed first, and stores the carbohydrates as fats before getting any real “fuel” out of it. While it’s true that alcohol is rich in calories, there are some low calories and low carb drinks that are totally okay to drink without throwing off your diet.


Champagne has the lowest calorie count when it comes to alcohol and is the best choice of drink when on a diet. A glass of champagne contains about 90 calories and 1.2 grams of carbohydrate.  The secret is to avoid mixing it with sugary drinks such as Mimosas and Bellinis. Drink a glass or two and plenty of water after and your diet will still be on track. Ever heard of the champagne diet? The funnest diet on Earth!

A second favorite diet choice is wine. Does the saying “A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away” ring any bells? Wine has excellent antioxidant properties and a glass contains about 100 calories and 4 grams of carbohydrate (whether red or white. Dry wines contain less sugar and are therefore an even sweeter choice for your waistline.


Distilled spirits have a bad reputation because people think they are the enemy to dieters. The truth is, it’s the drinks you mix it with that cause all the damage. When it comes to drinking on a diet, “Simpler is Better”.

Pay attention to the level of alcohol proof. Higher proofs tend to have higher calories. Vodka and Rum have the lowest calorie count in that category and vodka is believe it or not, carbs free. The tricky part is the mixers. Avoid mixing them with high sugary and high carbohydrate mixers such as juices and sodas. The ideal choice is to mix it with soda water and add a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon.


What to stay away from?

Now here come the ones to avoid at all cost… COCKTAILS! Yes we know that hurts to hear, especially for all the ladies that love their cosmos, or mojitos. One margarita glass is about 150 calories, and a frozen one can get up to 400 calories. That’s a meal worth of calories, and let’s face it, who stops at one Margarita glass?

So to all our dear dieters, we feel your pain, but remember not to drink your calories.

Glowing Skin How To:


People often don’t realize skincare starts from the inside. The skin is the largest organ in the body and also the last to receive nutrients. It’s therefore obvious that when someone has the right diet, they radiate health and their skin “glows”. Of course the right nutrients won’t do all the work. Outside elements tend to take a toll on our skin (heat, pollution, cold etc), and we have to protect it and nourish it best we can.

1.    A Nutrient Rich Diet


  • Our bodies are filled with what we call free radicals. They mix with the oxygen in the body and essentially cause oxidation. This causes premature aging. To help fight against this, load up with antioxidant rich foods, like dark berries, dark chocolate (in moderate amounts) and tea.
  • In addition, make sure to consume as much vitamins B, C, D and E, as they are known for their skin enhancing properties. They produce collagen, have natural anti-inflammatory properties, boost the skins luminosity etc. So don’t skip those avocados or salmon as they are good fats, and are filled with many of these crucial vitamins.

Tip: They say having six different colors in your plate is over 90% of your recommended daily dose of vitamins.


2.    Beauty Routine

Ideally the routine goes, Cleanse, tone and moisturize… But nowadays, our skin is exposed to a lot more strenuous elements, so it is recommended to add a couple more steps:
  • Cleansing your skin daily is very important to its health. It cleans the dirt, excess oil and other impurities out of your pores.
  •  Toning is also vital to the routine, as it clears the last bits of gunk the cleanser cannot reach. This step goes hand in hand with removing your makeup…Most women are quite guilty of skipping this step. Don’t forget to cleanse and tone your neck as well.

Tip: For those who don’t like toning because of the alcohol, try using rose water, it’s a lot more gentle and works beautifully.
  • Moisturizing is a must as well. A common misconception is that oily skin types don’t need to moisturize. Au contraire, after cleansing, it is important to restore your skin’s moisture. This also serves as a “barrier” against impurities, and comforts the skin during harsh weather.
  • Sunscreen should become your new best friend. The damaging sun rays cause premature aging, spots, melanoma and much more. Sun shouldn’t suddenly become your enemy either, because it does let your body absorb some Vitamin D. Just be gentle to your body and skin.

Tip: Pick a moisturizer with SPF 3O.

  • Exfoliating the dead skin cells once a week is great for a fresh looking face right away. It removes the impurities better than cleansing and toning. You cannot use it every day as it is very rough on the skin, but a small chock treatment from time to time is good, and you can notice how soft and clean your face looks after.
  • ·Masks are other great treatments. There are different types of facial masks for all kinds of skin type. Preferably used once a week, they can deep-clean your face, tighten your pores, exfoliate and eliminate the dead skin.
  • While all these steps and tips are all necessary and important, we cannot forget the most vital element which is H2O. Water flushes out the toxins, replenishes your skin and is the number one way to clear it up! Most bad skin problems are caused by dietary negligence, so try and make adjustments to your everyday intake.

Lemon Water Benefits

Hair Care 101

Our crowning glory, our safety blanket, our source of great pain at times… Hair is an intricate part of our personality, confidence and way of life. 74% of men (Glamour Magazine) say hair is the first thing they notice about a woman, and over 3/4 of them consider healthy hair a turn on. The problem is that most women are not born with Victoria Secret Bombshell hair. Soooooo…. What’s the secret?

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We all have different types of hair… So no two hair care routine can be the same. But there are some basic tips to keep your locks super healthy, strong and not to mention extra shiny 😉

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1) Healthy diet

You know the saying “You are what you eat?”. Well it’s more than true. Hair is mainly protein, it needs rich foods high in protein (organic meat, eggs etc…), oats (whole grain cereals), Vitamin C that helps absorb iron which prevents hair loss (Vegetables and fruits) and Vitamin E that promotes hair growth (Nuts, olive oil etc…). And let’s not forget H2O… 8 glasses of water a day people!

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2) Washing

This wasn’t really a secret but it’s obviously worth mentioning. Due to today’s pollution, hair is constantly being dulled. Washing it everyday will not damage it if you take the right steps. Pick a shampoo best suited for your hair but one that is also soft on your scalp. Too many chemicals tend to make your hair more fragile. Also wash with warm water, rather than hot water. It is less harsh on your scalp. A cool tip? After thoroughly washing your hair, blast some cold water which makes it extra shiny and look healthier… You’re welcome 🙂

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3) Moisturizing

After washing your hair, you must restore it’s moisture or it will look brittle and dry. Pick a conditioner best suited for your hair type, and non chemical based. Make sure to evenly distribute the product by using a wide toothed comb. Masks are also very good to moisturize your hair when they need it. The great thing about masks is that you can always DYI with things already in your pantry like olive oil, avocados or mayonnaise. Talk about savings huh?

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4) Drying

Hair is at it’s weakest when wet. Instead of rubbing it, try patting it dry. It’s a lot less damaging. Also, when blowdrying, always set it to cool rather than hot, so as to not dry out your hair which and steal it’s natural moisture.

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5) Trim

Women usually hate this one, but it’s probably the most important. Trim regularly, every six to eight weeks. Your ends are the most damaged and dry. Another popular thing to say is that trimming your hair helps it grow… This is soooo false. Trimming your hair regularly ensures a healthy growth, but most certainly not a faster one…

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Happy primping!