Matte Black French Manicure

About a year ago, my cousin Kristia and I were shopping in Indianapolis during Black Friday when at a Chanel counter in Nordstrom something caught our attention : Matte top coat.

At first it was really odd to see our nails in matte but the truth is, this pass year i’ve been obsessed with matte nails and when Kristia sent me a picture of french manicure in matte black, not only did I have to try it, but had to blog about it.

The process? Very easy. Manicure your nails as you usually do, and put two coats of your choice of nail polish (I used OPI Lincoln Park After Darker). Let it dry. Stick French Manicure tape on the tip of your nails, then apply your matte top coat. Once dry peel off the strips.

An Alternative way: If you don’t have French Manicure tape, apply matte top coat all over your nails and then add regular top coat on the tip of your nails to make it shiny and VoilĂ  !