Eklà Beauté: Your Getaway Beauty Salon

On October 1st, I was invited to the soft opening of a new hair salon called “Eklà Beauté” located on Rue Rebecca. Stepping inside the small salon, I was greeted by a calm and relaxing music, along with a soothing and zen decor: wooden furniture and accent pieces, candles, and Buddha heads, designed by owner Christina Fils-Aimé. I was instantly filled with an overwhelming peaceful sensation, which I thought was very odd for a hair salon.

But that was exactly her goal. To create a small place where her clients can leave their worries and workload outside while getting pampered. A place where her clients can be fully attended to without being rushed and without the crowdedness of typical hair salons. A place that works by appointment only because one on one is extremely important. “I want it to be 100% about my clients. I want them to walk out feeling good about themselves and with a smile on their faces. That’s what I enjoy most of my job, to be able to put a smile on my clients’ faces”. 

For us women, getting our hair and nails done is a weekly obligation. Be it to get a wash and blow dry, a hair coloring, or simply a mani-pedi, us women spend a minimum of 2 hours getting dolled-up at the hair salon on week-ends. Needless to say that hair salons have become a meeting point, or better yet a social encounter where the latest gossips travel under the boisterous sound of hair dryers.

If you are looking to escape the cacophony of hair salons, then Eklà Beauté is the “getaway” salon for you. While her specialty is hair coloring and hair treatment, Tina also offers various other salon services such as blow dries, hairdos, mani-pedi, and makeup with also a selection of hair products available for sale.

Christina, “Tina” left Haiti at the age of 18 and moved to New York. There, she became a hair colorist and makeup artist and worked in many hair salons before eventually working for Kérastase and L’Oréal. At 30 years old, she moved back to Haiti and left the hair and makeup business. However her love for fashion and hair care pushed her to go back to the hair business. “Everybody has their own beauty, and as long as I can bring that out for them, to me is priceless.”

Eklà Beauté is open Monday-Saturday from 8AM-5PM by appointments only. To get your special treatment, call 4700-1212.


I remember as a little girl on family occasions, I would get a red marks on my cheeks from older family members who would leave their lipstick mark when kissing me. Growing up as a young teenager I avoided red shades and anything too bright due to the fear of looking like “ma tante Clémence” and concentrated more on lip gloss as they were “the cool thing to wear” at the time.

Looking back, I asked myself what was I thinking? I am not a fan of lip gloss at all especially the clear ones. In my opinion they make you look like you were eating spaghetti or any greasy food and did not clean your mouth after.

The truth is there is something empowering when a woman wears a nice lipstick. Doesn’t have to be red necessarily any shades of pinks or beige will do but many of us girls hesitate at times when it comes to wearing red lipstick. But I personally love red lipstick and anyone who knows me, knows it’s my signature.

The key to choosing the right shade of red is all in the tone of your skin. If you have a warm tone choose a red with a orange undertones, and if you have a cool tone to your skin, red shades with blue undertones are best. Now if you’re lucky enough to have neutral skin tone, you can go for whatever shades you love.

Some of my favorites shades I own:

Sephora Lipstain, Deborah Milano Mat Red, L'Oreal Infallible Refined Ruby #337,  Chanel Rouge Allure Passion #14, Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss, Dior Addict Red Desire #959, MAC Russian Red, and Bourjois So Rouge
Sephora Lipstain, Deborah Milano Mat Red, L’Oreal Infallible Refined Ruby #337, Chanel Rouge Allure Passion #14, Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss, Dior Addict Red Desire #959, MAC Russian Red, and Bourjois So Rouge




When in doubt, wear RED