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Loving my new Society Misfit cross body. Available in Haiti at Just Cito Boutique



     Was that a party or what? Invasion my friends, was a crazy spectacle for the ears with DJs K9, Bernard Chauvet, Franco the Saint, and Joachim Garraud, special guest from Paris (ou lala), but let’s face it, dear fashionistas and fashionistos, the party was way more of a mind blowing experience for the eyes. Haiti’s first 3D party was a success, and all the props and applauds go to Black Palm Events and its amazing team. The stage made of LED lights gave a HiDef surpassing all expectations (Were we really on EDH?), and for the first time, Fashion Ayiti was there to capture all of the best fashion moments.


We all know (because we’ve been there), that most of us go on big shopping sprees right before December and the summer season. We feel for our wallets, and throw a tiny b**** fit when someone else bought the exact same thing. It was all apparent at Invasion. We saw some crazy combos, some slick outfits and lots and lots of short jersey dresses.

Guys in interesting pants... Yay!

Ladies, as much as it pains us to admit, the guys took this one. We saw a lot more originality, sleekness and all around swag from the men. Yes you’re gorgeous and your legs go on for days, but we wish you would take more risks with fashion.  Short doesn’t necessarily mean fashionable and more coverage leaves more things to the imagination. We now give a small round of applause to the guys who truly set themselves apart, made this night a little more vibrant and showed us the true meaning of personal style.

Talk about individuality

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ZIP ZIP … malèt ap fèt !

-“J’ai acheté ma robe pour le 24 c anraje, m’pare pou Taras la”

-“J’espère un tel n’a pas la même robe que moi, cette p’tit fille a toujours la même robe que moi! ”

ZIP! ZIP! It’s that time of the year !

photoThis time every year, most of you abroad are packing to go home for the Holidays. While most of the world is packing coats and sweaters, we Haitians are packing bathing suits and short dresses.

ZIP! ZIP! It’s that time of the year …

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Besides from the childhood and family reunions, it’s also that time of the year when we see a lot of fashion in Haiti. Our little island is practically turned into a fashion show during the month of December.